Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4 Vehicle Must Haves

There are some basic items that everyone should have in their car.  In 2011, it’s rare that you’ll be found stranded, with the emergence of features that come equipped with every vehicle, but there are some things you GOTTA have in your vehicle.  In today’s blog, we discuss some crucial items for daily commuters.

Jumper Cables – These nifty cables are a lifesaver.  I can’ even count how many times it’s saved me from a stranded situation.  If you forget to turn off your lights, leave your car parked for a long time, or just have an older battery, jumper cables are awesome.  We recommend the AAA Heavy Duty 16 6 Gauge Booster Cable.

12-Volt Mini Air Compressor – This small compressor is powered by the vehicle via the cigarette power jack and includes a built-in dial air pressure gauge.  You can use this to top off your tires before a long trip.  This saves money and keeps your vehicle riding great.

Jack Stands – these are very important because they add a safety precaution for when you change your flat tire.  Also, you should only change your flat tire if you’re in a safe location.  Get a set of sturdy jacks that feature pawl-and-tooth design and a one-piece multi-position ductile ratchet bar for extra strength.

First Aid Kit – Be prepared for anything with a fully equipped first-aid kit.  These usually include:  bandages, gloves, butterfly closures, an instant cold pack, tape, antibiotic ointment, cotton tips, burn cream ointment, finger splints, alcohol prep pads, a first aid guide, sting relief prep pads, gauze pads, sterile antiseptic prep pads, scissors, and a roll of gauze.

These items will be helpful, as well as the features readily available for your vehicle.  Feel free to add your own components. 


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